v2.6.0 is a larger change than the previous releases. The biggest things to note with this release are the changes made to the local node structure and the additional of operators to handle downloading Java and SteamCMD. This attempts to help get servers up and running faster than before.

This does mean that templates were broken up and are no longer shared between environments. Templates are now a bit more specific to run in Docker or not. This means our Java-based servers are ran using the Eclipse JVM and are included with their own templates. Java-based servers not in Docker will download the JVM at installation time, so that it is not needed on the host machine anymore.

Templates as a whole were pruned of defective/one-off templates, and should now all work.

SteamCMD likewise will use the SteamCMD image if Docker is used, which handles the dependencies that are associated with it. This is the better method to use SteamCMD, as it’s a mess to run on a host machine. If needed, doing it without Docker is supported, and uses the DepotDownloader to handle downloading the game servers instead. This means SteamCMD is not required anymore, but may still be needed for certain game servers.

Local nodes are now fully locked out of the UI from editing, and require setting values in the config to apply changes. This mainly will be the “Master URL” as the node’s IP.

Breaking Changes

While we attempted to avoid breaking changes in this release, we had to make the call to do so.

Ubuntu verisons prior to 20.04 will not support v2.6.0 and onwards. Due to the end of life of these versions coming up and our build pipelines already deprecating these versions, we made the call to cut off support for these versions. We recommend updating to Ubuntu 20.04 or later to get continued updates.

Non-Ubuntu LTS versions are no longer going to be deployed to our main repo. This is mainly due to the contantly changing nature of this process and how many variants there can be. Users on Focal or Jammy (20.04 or 22.04) are safe, but all other Ubuntu versions are impacted. It is recommended to change your sources.list file to use the jammy repo to get future updates.

ARM builds are likewise also receiving a cut-off. Anything prior to ARMv8 (older than a Pi 3) or ARMHF will no longer have builds available for the same reasons above.

Binary Folder

PufferPanel now supports the usage of a “binaries” folder which can be used to install binaries that servers may need to run their processes. Any binary added to this folder is automatically included in the PATH for a server, and is accessible by both the panel and the servers. The new javadl and steamgamedl operators use this folder to store binaries that are used, and others may be installed here as well.


The new javadl operator allows for downloading of Java JVMs for servers to use. This supports the parameter version which accepts a major Java version supported by Eclipse Temurin(tm).

Versions are saved into the new binaries folder, and are suffixed with the version of Java to assist with concurrent versions.

i.e Java 8 is accessible with java8, while Java 17 is accessible with java17


The new steamgamedl operator allows for downloading any Steam game from Steam’s servers and installed into your server without the need for SteamCMD to be involved. This accepts the appId for the game to perform the download, and runs using DepotDownloader.

While some games may still have a hard requirement for SteamCMD, we found this works better for both a maintenance usage and an installation standpoint.