This release includes a bunch of quality of life changes and bugs fixes, so let’s get down to it. The biggest UI change is the server page has been redesigned to use tabs instead of a giant page to navigate. This makes for a cleaner look, while making it easier to tell what you are looking at. This also means we can add more information in the future without making the page worse. We have added 2FA support to user accounts, so now you can secure your accounts even more. Our Docker images have been redone from the ground up. I will suggest reading the notes below about this more.

As always, if there are issues, please let us know.


  • Archive/Extract files and folders from the web file manager

  • File type indicating icons on the web file manager for various file formats

  • Automatically add the currently logged in user to the user selection during server creation

  • Reworked unknown error reporting

  • Disable scrolling overlay backgrounds

  • Allow overriding configuration from database

  • Add panel and email settings to the panel

  • Updated forge maven url

  • Allow storing user configurations on the database

  • Make theme and dark mode settings sync arcoss any devices logged into the same account

  • Allow reordering the server list through drag and drop

  • Overhaul console code

  • Replace console pause overlay with in place pausing

  • Make daemon messages in the console visually distinct

  • Drag and drop file upload on the web file manager

  • Allow setting a working directory for the run command

  • Add 2FA support

  • Redesign server page to use tabs instead of being a long scroll

  • Improved docker images (see notes below)

  • Various bugfixes

Docker Changes

Our Docker images have been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The idea behind containers is that it should contain everything you need and you can just run it with no fuss. Knowing that, we have created a bunch of tags on our main image to help with this, and changed how our latest tag works.

1) Latest will now include a full image that contains the panel and the dependencies for various games. This includes things like Java 8, Java 16, Git, and SRCDS dependencies. This means you can just pull the image and run it without any setup. This image is based on Ubuntu due to issues with SRCDS and Java intercompatibilty, so it is a large image. We are looking at resolving this in the future.

  1. All other images are based on Alpine, and contain specific dependencies if needed. You can see our full list of tags here.

We recommend reading the page on installing using Docker here if you want to use our Docker image. It has important notes on how to create and mount the volumes for keeping your data intact.

Known Issues

  • The “Reload Server Definition From Disk” button will fail with an error.

  • Deleting variables from the server editor does not work.

  • Errors will be seen when not all permissions are given to a server. This is only an UI issue, and can be ignored.