Using Docker with PufferPanel

Using Docker on an OpenVZ VPS

Some VPS providers use a technology called OpenVZ for their virtualization.

Only OpenVZ kernel version 042stab105.4 or higher support Docker. You can check your kernel version by running uname -a

We recommend using a KVM VPS or dedicated server if you are planning to use Docker.

If you don’t know if your VPS is OpenVZ or not, run test -e /proc/user_beancounters && echo This VPS is OpenVZ and see if the message “This VPS is OpenVZ” prints out.

First, install Docker on the node. Please follow Docker’s installation instructions located at

Next, add the docker group (if not there) and add pufferpanel as a user of this group.

sudo groupadd --force --system docker
sudo usermod -a -G docker pufferpanel

Restart PufferPanel.

systemctl restart pufferpanel