This release is a feature update, adding a few quality of life features. The main change is that TTY will now be the default environment on Linux systems. This means that for most servers, there will be no change. If there is issues with servers running after this release that ran using 2.1.1, please let us know. This change also changes how packages are built. We used to use FPM to handle building our repo packages, however 2 bugs which took a while to fix caused us to simply change this process. We now produce the rpm and deb packages ourselves, which means we can make them even better!

As always, if there are issues, please let us know.


  • Docker environments will now mount server files to the /pufferpanel directory

  • Improvements to the template and server creation UIs

  • Allow deleting of templates

  • Cleanup API and websockets to be less prone to errors

  • Add “alterfile” operation allowing for changing files that exist already

  • TTY is now the default environment on Linux, replaces standard

  • Add more docker options for creating servers

  • Add mailjet support

  • Fix SFTP perms check for admins

  • Switch to building packages ourself

  • Allow converting v1 templates to v2 format

  • websocket failures will revert to http polling