• Add OAuth 2 screens to both accounts and servers. This allows for creating clients which can talk to the API. This is the preferred method over using the older undocumented and unsupported method of using /auth/login.

  • Add hotkeys for accessing UI options

  • Wire up additional emails to events

  • Microsoft SQL Server can be used with Linux installations

  • Attempt to resolve performance issues with the console

  • Improve node UI

  • Add –workDir as a supported argument for the service

  • Remove unique name requirement on servers

  • Create Windows MSI installer

  • Rename servers now supported

  • Add logging to when daemon downloads a Docker image

  • Fix exposed ports not being applied when port bindings are used

Windows Installer

We now have an official Windows installer which will install a PufferPanel service to Windows. This installer is supported on Windows Server 2012+. As a warning, we DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THE LOCAL SERVICE ACOUNT. You will want to create a PufferPanel user on your server and use this to run the service. Due to the complexity of installers, we do not do this automatically. This allows for a compromised server to have less rights than Local Service would otherwise give.