Finding Your Logs

PufferPanel and pufferd are 2 different pieces of software which make up the panel. As a result, there are several locations in which your logs will reside.

PufferPanel Logs

The PufferPanel logs are located by default next to the rest of your panel files. If you followed the installation steps defined, this would be located at /srv/pufferpanel/logs. Otherwise, it is the logs folder where your panel was installed at.


Unless otherwise asked by a developer, DO NOT share the .html located in this directory. They contain information which can be used to access your panel and/or your account. ONLY provide the .log files.

pufferd Logs

As pufferd is designed to work with your system and follow more standardized practices, the pufferd logs are located in /var/log/pufferd by default. These logs are broken up based on date the process was started.